Joint and Several is not what you might think

Joint and Several is a legal expression.  You will see in your lease....

Appliances in your home

Just a couple of common things we sometimes learn the hard way.

Reservation or Security Deposit

Reservation or Security Deposit.  What's the difference??

Please! Please Lease me, (Like i Lease You!)

Oh Good Lord!  The lease is a long, dense, dull document.
Or is it?

Do you feel Lucky? Well, Do ya?

We feel lucky to have great clients.  But we also get insurance.  And we want you to, also.

Drain. Drain. Go away!

I don't know if you've ever thought about what happens beyond the sink.  But there are just a couple of things to know.
One is:  How the drain works depends pretty much entirely on what you put into it.  Which means you are the one in control of how the drain works and you will need to get it fixed...  usually.

In the jungle, The lion sleeps tonight...

We live in a sub-tropical paradise here in Atlanta.  50+ inches of rain a year.  And sun.  It can turn your yard into a

Things that affect your Credit Score

Did you know that on-time rent payments can improve your credit score?  In the past, only negative rental data such as evictions and collections were reported to consumer reporting agencies. But with us

How about cooking something up with me?

This is recommended by one of the folks reading Housemanship.
"Never, ever, EVER leave something

Will i be Approved ?

Everyone should have a nice place to live.  And we try to make the lease work for our clients.  There are a lot of factors to take into account in making

Leaving on a jet plane - Going away on vacation.

Forewarned is forearmed.
If you will be away from home for the holidays, winter or summer, please take the standard precautions:

FAQ it all. or FAQtastic?


Got a hunka hunka... - You did WHAT?

Many of Beltwood's homes are historic structures with heart pine floors or oak floors, and other great historic features.
Like Fireplaces....

A breath of FRESH air - Save $18 in 3 minutes!

All you have to do is change the air filter in your furnace.

Check your knowledge. Take the quiz

Fill out the questionnaire. Let us know who you are.  If you are applying for a Beltwood home, you will get preferred treatment.