In the jungle, The lion sleeps tonight...

We live in a sub-tropical paradise here in Atlanta.  50+ inches of rain a year.  And sun.  It can turn your yard into a
jungle in the blink of an eye.

There are a lot of reasons we don't want our yards turning into jungles:

  • We want to be good neighbors
  • Vermin will breed and come into your house
  • It gets harder and harder to get back under control...

just to name a few.

And also, because you will agree to keep it neat and tidy in your lease.

Most of the yards are really easy to keep looking good.  A small electric lawnmower will handle even our largest yards.

We understand that you are busy, and mowing the grass may not be your highest priority (NO! Really?)  There are a couple of solutions.

  • One is sharing the task among your roommates.  
  • Another is having one of the local guys do it.  There are reliable people in the neighborhood who cut grass.   We know a few. 
Finally, if you don't do any of these, we will of course, have to cut it for you and add it to your rent.  That's the worst option, because Reggie and Kevin charge you much less than we would have to pass through to you.

We can't have any lions stalking you.