Do you feel Lucky? Well, Do ya?

We feel lucky to have great clients.  But we also get insurance.  And we want you to, also.

You can get Renter's insurance that will cover all your stuff in case of fire, or storm or theft.  All for a couple hundred $$ a year.  As an added bonus, it will cover things that damage the building.

BUT.  We cannot provide that insurance for you.  You have to get it yourself. (Some pesky regulation about being licensed as an insurance agent;-)

NONEtheless, we will get insurance on your place to cover our hazard.  Only thing is, our insurance does nothing for you.  So for the same price you can get covered, and everyone wins.

Our online service, AppFolio, offers Renter's Insurance from ROOST.   You will be able to sign up for ROOST Insurance at your online portal.

or you can get Renter's Insurance from several other companies.

For a bit of info on ROOST, click here