Appliances in your home

Just a couple of common things we sometimes learn the hard way.

#1   Don't use liquid dish soap in your dishwasher.  Just TOO embarrassing.

#1.1  How to load a dishwasher to get the best results:

#2   Clean the Lint Trap EACH time you use the Dryer.  It'll work better, save you money, and not burn the house down.


#3   Never EVER put your Aardvark in the Dryer!

#4    Oven and stove mess will bake on and then NEVER come off.  Wipe 'em down each time (No.  Seriously.  You'll never get them clean if you let it go.

#5    Here's more info on taking care of appliances.  For today, tomorrow, and the rest of  your life.