I hear you knocking - 1 super-simple thing to do.

Close your security door.

Really?  That's it?

Yes.  we're not saying that will prevent all crime.  But it is the first, best, and easiest thing to do.

An open security door is an invitation.  Keep it closed whether  you are home or not.  You don't have to lock it always, but do always keep it closed.

You want some other security measures?  You might know most of them, but ...
  • Keep a light on a timer.  Year round.  
  • Keep the yard picked up.  Uncared for houses are 7 times more likely to be "challenged" by an intruder
  • Good dog!  Dogs are good.  (but be sure to let your Landlord know you are getting one.)  
    • Your dog does not need to be some kind of attack breed.  
    • Most dogs, except maybe tiny schnitzerdoodles, are a great deterrent.
  • Don't leave boxes for your 72" TV on the curb.  Or whatever.
  • Alarm service sign in the yard.  Really.  That's one of the suggestions.
  • Don't leave a hide-a-key.  Someone will see you getting it.  Better to leave a key with a neighbor you know.  [never put identifying info on your keys.  one of those little customer cards is a way to get your keys back if you lose them,]
But always keep the security doors closed, and locked.  A front door with the strongest lock made can be opened in 1/2 second.  But not those security doors, take time and effort and noise to get through.

What about the things outside the door?  Your porch furniture, and grill and things?
We have not had a problem with those being taken.

What about things in your car?
Cars are so vulnerable.  The best practice is leave nothing of value in the car.  Leave the glove box open so the contents can be seen.
Of course alarms are recommended.  If you are parking on the street, that is more vulnerable than in the driveway.  The farther from the street the better.
Best defense is to be a low value target.  Old beat up car with nothing in it has always been my method.
We haven't had break-ins.  (knock on wood) But they can happen.  A little prep: an once, a stitch, an apple.