Reservation or Security Deposit

Reservation or Security Deposit.  What's the difference??
Reservation fee = First Full Months Rent, Prepaid
  • It is refundable only if we decline your completed application
  • Should be paid only if you are sure it's the house you want
  • Let's us know you are serious, and not just window shopping
  • Means we won't rent the house to someone else
  • We will keep the fee if you do not move in and 
  • It is applied to your first month of Rent when you do move in
Security Deposit:
  • Is paid at move in, and not before
  • Is paid with cashier's check or money order
  • goes into a separate account that we cannot touch until you move out
  • Is never used to pay rent
If your reservation fee is refunded, it will be as a printed check available for pick up at the Beltwood offices in Little 5 Points.

>>>>>There's a related discussion of PET DEPOSITS<<<<<
Pets are great.  But they can do damage to a house, so we have a two tiered pet fee.

  1. The first part is the $100 pet Fee.  This is a NON-REFUNDABLE fee that goes toward flea treatment and additional disinfecting of baths and kitchens.
  2. The Second part is the REFUNDABLE Pet Deposit.  This is basically merged into your Security Deposit to cover potential damage.  Like scratching at the door or gnawing on the cabinet, or ....

Of course, if your pet does more than $250 in damage, you will have to pay for that, too.

It's a pretty standard fee system.
And it's so much better than trying to sneak a pet into the house.  Because the lease has an $800 dollar fee for that!  Yikes!