A breath of FRESH air - Save $18 in 3 minutes!

All you have to do is change the air filter in your furnace.

It's easy as, as, hmmm.  It's not hard.
  1. FIND your Furnace - it's either in the attic, the basement/crawl space, or a closet.
    • See where the big return air duct comes into it?  
  2. There's a 1" wide slot between that big duct and the furnace.
  3. Slide the filter out of the slot, and 
  4. Slide the new one in.

(If you are an Beltwood client, a manager will provide you with free filters.  Just send a text or email Home @ BeltwoodPM.com.  It wouldn't hurt to look and see what size filter it is, and send that to the manager.)

This can save you up to 15% in heating AND air conditioning costs.

So, let's see, that's maybe...
                           $120/month x 15% = $18       for 3 minutes effort.

What does that come to per hour?

for those of us who are more visual learners, here's YouTube
Changing a Furnace Filter