How about cooking something up with me?

This is recommended by one of the folks reading Housemanship.
"Never, ever, EVER leave something
cooking on the stove!"

I like it!  What other Kitchen Cautions would you tell someone?

Here's one i did.  Pouring chicken fat down the drain!  BAD idea.  Clogs the drain.  Costs big bucks to rotoroot it out.  Yuck.

How about:  Dirty dishes.  Dirty Counters.  Dirty Floor. These are the best way to insure that you have roaches and ants.  Pretty much guaranteed.

Pet food:  Same thing.  Be sure to empty the dog/cat dish.  Clean up any scattered.  There is NO WAY to keep out mice if the pet food is available to em.  (And, yes, little mouses are really cute.  But they will gnaw into your other food and they pee everywhere.  Pew.)